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Angels I & II & III


Dimensions: 100 cm x 68 cm


These photographs images are from a set of images depicting of couple of young children joyously jumping in the ruffled sheets of a double bed. The artist had set herself the task of catching her children in the air in an attempt to articulate a state of the in-between, of the transitional, artificially exposed and concretised by the frozen photographic still of continuous movement. However, in the end, what catches one's attention, what is impressed upon us as spectators, is really the sheer enjoyment of these children who have been caught on their own terms in their most joyful and empowered state, yet, you might say, nonetheless caught - caught in the air, caught within the frame.

Black and white photograph titled 'Angels I' by fine artist Pernille Holm showing two children jumping in a bed
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