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Title: Skipping Rope

Media: Dyed cotton rope, wooden handles

Dimensions: 2.5 m high (approx. 500 m lengths of rope)



This installation features a 500 meters long skipping rope, casually hung from hooks mounted on the wall. Displayed as an unwieldy tangle of twisted and knotted rope, it is is both a formless mess and a contained mass; a chaotic, yet controlled structure.


Skipping Rope takes as its reference an ordinary child’s toy. Impossibly large, it cannot however be played with in an ordinary sense: the exaggerated scale of the skipping rope - its aspiration for abundance and grandeur - has subverted its function. As such, this installation speaks of physical (im)possibilities. It suggests exuberance and pleasure taken in bright colour and great gestures but also a sense of sadness and futility. Magnificently extravagant, yet ultimately useless, this skipping rope is transformed into an object that speaks of adult frustration and melancholy as much as of childlike joy and playfulness.

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