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Title: One year

Media: Paint and crayon on MDF

Dimensions: 5 x 10 meters



One Year is a large installation depicting in bold graphics all the dates in one year, spread out across a vast floor area in the manner of a complex patchwork design. Unlike standard calendars, the listed dates in One Year vary in size and colour. Some have been cropped, and the dates do not appear to have been organised according to regular principles of linear temporal progression. On the contrary, the organisation of the calendar days in One Year reflects a more chaotic experience of temporal simultaneity where certain dates stand out in bold colours and typefaces whilst others recede and merge into a confused blur of repeated patterns, indicating their relative unimportance. Over the time span of this one year, some dates have clearly been deemed more significant than others, reflecting in visual terms the idiosyncrasy of personal selective memory and experience of time.


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