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Title: Retro Race

Media: 60 alarm clocks, printed paper, plywood

Dimensions: Variable



Retro Race was created for the show It's About Time curated by Christina Niederberger and Paul Carey-Kent who wrote the following comments:


"Anyone who’s ever felt stranded on their own out-of-synch island of time will connect with Pernille Holm Mercer’s presentation of clusters of alarm clocks – Retro Race -  hovering just above the floor and set up to race each other. Thus, underlying differences in their accuracy will come to the fore over the period of the show, illustrating thereby one aspect of time’s subjectivity. The 24 islands - half mousemat, half tropical jungle, fully aware of their tackiness -  each contain a threat of sorts, though it’s not clear whether that’s by reference to bomb-making devices or simply the danger of being woken up BIG time…"

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