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Title: Reverberations

Media: graphite and paint on paper

Dimensions: 57 cm x 85 cm



In this series of drawings entitled Reverberations the artist explores in a very knowing way the visual strategy of ‘chance and control’ that, on the one hand, engenders situations where visual material can be generated outside the artist’s control and, on the other hand, promotes phases of more deliberate and controlled manipulation and adjustment of visual material.


Each drawing starts with an ‘accidental’ mark that in this case has been generated by an industrial paint spray can, here resulting in a pink blob of paint, so dense and wet that it has started to run. Next to, and sometimes diametrically opposite, the artist has meticulously copied the mark in soft pencil – in mirrored reverse – thereby making a mockery of the spontaneous gesture of the ‘accidental’ mark. In these drawings the controlled mark looks identical to the mark generated by chance.


Yet the drawings are much more than its component parts and their means of production, for the mirrored couplings that they foreground make for unique and intriguing images in their own right: images about symmetry, balance, and echoes that resonate with our desire for order and harmony.





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