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Title: Uuargh

Media: Perspex

Dimensions: 300cm



Uuargh is part of the artist's body of work that explores onomatopoeic sound words, exclamations, and noises, which are on the margin of language, more immediate and directly linked to the body than conventional words. Here, the scream ‘Uuargh’ is rendered in bright yellow Perspex, designed and laser cut to look like a commercial shop sign. The word is written in what appears to be a hasty, hand-written scribble, the gesture of which underpins its emotional charge. Hung high on the wall, it is impressive in scale and becomes for the viewer a vehicle for emotional release through the catharsis of (imagined) abandonment - and humour. For the piece is not without a hint of irony, residing in the absurdity of the commercial shop-sign ‘gone wrong’.


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