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words of advice

Title: Words of Advice

Media: Inkjet prints on aluminium

Dimensions: 9 panels of 20 cm x 30 cm



Words of Advice appears as a stark, sober, though nonetheless poetic set of statements designed to warn a nameless subject of the perils and temptations set to befall those who break free from the normative controls of regular sociality. However, as viewers work their way through the texts, picking up on references to ‘udders’, tails’, and ‘muzzles’, it becomes clear that what inspires and drives these ‘words of advice’ is an underlying fear and paranoia of the female beast – the cow – the mother. Tapping into the dark structures of the human psyche, it brings the monster of the underworld to life, exposing at once its inherent absurdity and its power as a terrifying imaginary reality.


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